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Map background
Size map
                    The buttons on the panel with blocks select the currently installed block, the same thing is done by hotkeys 1,2,3,4.. etc.
                    LMB - add the currently selected block
                    PCM - remove the nearest block to which the sight points
                    SCM - edit the position of the block that the sight points to
                    Turn the mouse wheel - zoom in/out of the installed unit
                    W - forward
                    S - back
                    A - left
                    D - right
                    SHIFT - up
                    CTRL - down
                    M - On/off magnet mod
To play with friends, go to the server. Press ESC, copy the link and send to your friends. It's more fun together!
Welcome! This game is made for you and your friends! The ultimate goal is the golden goblet, to which a dangerous route leads. Get over various blocks and overcome obstacles.
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Move: WASD | ← ↑ → ↓ | Left Click
Rotate: mouse movement
Zoom in/out: mouse wheel
Acceleration: SHIFT or Right Click
Mechanics of acceleration
Press the SHIFT key to move faster and jump further
A brick block is a simple cube that you can jump on.
Ice block. The character will slide.
The green block is a cube of foliage that you can fall through. Can close traps. Be careful!
Fire block. Lava cube that burns! Don't jump on it.
The save block allows you to respawn here if you fail :)
The platform is a collapsing hexagon. Make sure you jump off it!
The Golden Cup is a relic available only to the winner!
How to play with a friend
To play with friends, go to the server. Press ESC, copy the link and send to your friends. It's more fun together!
Graphics quality
Mouse sensitivity
Sound effects volume

Jump and Fall - online multiplayer game

Get ready to experience 3D platforming like never before. JumpFall.io is an online multiplayer obstacle course not for the faint of heart. Compete against other players and try to reach the end of the map without falling. Jump over dangerous pitfalls, climb steep stairs, and strive to take first place. Adapt to various types of terrain on the fly and outperform competitors at every turn.

Raising the Stakes

This title may seem familiar to long-time fans of browser and mobile gaming. That’s because it is set in the same universe as the famous Paper.io. In this alternative game mode, the characters have that signature look of differently colored cubes. Just like in the original, they can traverse the map freely. But this is where the similarities end. The developers have put a lot of effort into designing new mechanics from scratch. And they have masterfully implemented the following features:

  1. Addicting gameplay that revolves around navigating complex environments
  2. Numerous contestants fighting for the champion’s title simultaneously
  3. Amazing level structure that incentivizes participants to move both vertically and horizontally
  4. Several block types with different properties that realistically affect the physics
  5. Responsive and intuitive controls

In combination, these traits make for truly intense and unpredictable races. Join the servers today and set mind-blowing speed-running records before anyone else.

How to Play JumpFall.io

The goal is to reach the exit in the shortest amount of time possible. Press WASD or the Arrow keys to move and Space to jump. Look around using the mouse. Zoom in and out by turning the scroll wheel. Regular gray bricks are safe. However, watch out for fragile platforms that disappear when someone steps on them. Ice blocks are slippery. Keep that in mind and adjust the trajectory accordingly. Certain spots serve as checkpoints. Challengers respawn there in the event of death. Still, falling off the stage is best avoided since it affects the stats.

Participate in extreme trials of speed, agility, and coordination. Check out JumpFall.io for free at https://paper-io.com/jumpfall/. Run it in any browser without installation and have fun for hours.