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The legendary multiplayer arena is back with a new exciting installment. 3D is an online PvP battle over territory. Just like before, players compete against each other by conquering regions on a vast map. They automatically draw borders while moving. As soon as the line is closed, the area inside is added to their kingdom. However, this time the battlefield looks more impressive than ever thanks to the updated visuals. Join the servers and fight other challengers by capturing their lands. Interrupt their outlines to kill them, expand the safe zone, and dominate the leaderboards.

Three Dimensions of Fun

Sequels that introduce drastic changes often ruin what made their predecessors enjoyable. In this case, fans of the franchise have nothing to worry about. The latest release keeps the original mechanics and elevates them with numerous innovative improvements:

The process is both familiar and refreshing in the best possible sense. Veterans of the series and newcomers alike will appreciate this delightful edition.

How to Play 3D

The goal is to occupy the largest surface and stay alive. Each participant leaves a trail of their unique color behind. The movement is automatic. Steer by dragging the cursor in the appropriate direction or by pressing WASD/Arrows. The competitors are invulnerable in the safety of their perimeter. Venturing outside is the only way to progress, but it leaves them open to attacks. Crash into a translucent tail to eliminate the enemy who originated it. Strive to take over the entire stage and reach the highest rank.

Experience a fresh spin on the iconic formula. Enjoy 3D for free in a regular browser window without downloading. Outsmart and outmaneuver formidable opponents, seize their domains, and win every time.

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