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Agar Paper is a game that is slightly reminiscent of the classic

Play as a square set out to become the biggest square on the server. Eat the squares of other players and get bigger, bigger, EVEN BIGGER, no one can stop you!

How to play Agar Paper io

There is regular food, bombs and other players in the game. Consume food to grow, stay away from the bombs to avoid getting blown up. The most interesting aspect are the actual players: eat the weak and defeat the strong ones! Steer your square by moving the mouse, press space to split up. And use the ‘W’ key to feed and attack!

Agar Paper io – is multiplayer online game, an alternative. While you are small anybody can eat you. Stay away from the bigger players.

You can play Agar Paper io at school, at home or on the go. Play alone or together with your friends. It’s a great free online game for your web browser.

Our Agar Paper io server is an unblocked private pvp server. Have fun.